a year without rain tracklist

I know I haven't been updating a lot lately. I don't think I'd be making icons anytime soon since my school's just started plus something's gone wrong with my photoshop.

Anyway Selena Gomez's album, "A Year Without Rain" is now officially out (in the U.S. that is) and I had heard a couple of songs from it, and I have to say I really loved, "Live like there's no tomorrow" - which is part of her movie, "Ramona & Beezus" too - and I also enjoyed listening to "Rock God" and "AYWR". This album is deifinately an improvement from her last one. :)

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the french, the german & and chelsea fc ;)

[06] Yoann Gourcuff
[10] Andre-Pierre Gignac
[31] Chelsea FC
[80] German National Team
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new layout...again


I've once again changed the layout and I'm quite satisfied with it, so I don't think there'd be much change anytime soon. header features only the german team this time.

Tell me what you think.